Tales of Formentera is an adventure game only for Game Boy, powered by "GB Studio" an engine created by Chris Maltby

The game takes place on a little island, Formentera, where mysterious legends tell the history of the island. Now something else is happening, and the people of the island requiere your talent as a detective to resolve what is happening.  Discover the island,  its history, and its legends,  through this game.

Talk with the people, resolve puzzles, use your mind to discover the mysterious around Formentera.

How To Play - 

Up - Up Arrow / W
Down - Down Arrow / S
Left - Left Arrow / A
Right - Right Arrow / D
A - Alt / Z / J
B - Ctrl / K / X
Start - Enter
Select - Shift


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¿Un juego de GameBoy basado en la Isla de Formentera? XDXD solo hace falta que ponga batallas Pokémon por el estilo de juego que tiene XDXDXD.

Obviamente bebe mucho del estilo Pokemon o Zelda, pero de momento nada de batallas jajaja